Buy Hyaluronidase Power Injection

Buy Hyaluronidase Power Injection


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Buy Hyaluronidase Power Injection online at cheap wholesale prices.

Hyalase 1500 I.U. Powder for Solution for Injection/Infusion

Hyaluronidase (Hyalase) single Amp 1500 IU.

Hyaluronidase works as an enzyme to temporarily break down hyaluronic acid naturally in the body.
This makes it easier for injection of fluids to be administered. And effective absorption of the fluids into the skin and tissue.

Hyaluronidase additionally aids the body to reabsorb blood and fluids from the tissues, in the case of a large bruise. Breaks down Hyaluronic acid which is present between cells to help them adhesive together. This is a temporary action and helps the quick absorption of fluid injections.

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3 X Pack @ $175.00 = $525.00, 7 X Pack @ $166.25 = $1,163.75, 15 X Pack @ $161.00 = $2,415.00


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